Due out next week, the Blade Wolf add-on for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will let you play as computerized canine LQ-84i.

The first batch of downloadable content (Jetstream Sam) was a bit disappointing on the story front, but the combat was just as good as the core game. Judging from this trailer (even if it is in Japanese), there's going to be a bit more story this time... maybe. We'll get the backstory on how Mistral helped overthrow the government in the early stages of the main game, and it looks like at least one new boss will show up.

Blade Wolf has some sweet new moves in his arsenal too, but you can tell there are going to be some similarities between him and the standard combat from the main campaign. All in all, we like what we see, but we'll be reserving final judgment for once the DLC arrives on May 14th.