The holiday season is fast approaching, and as if you needed one more time-destroying distraction from all of your obligations, Mojang has released a new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition! So prepare to swine and dine with some fun-guys. Find out what's in store after the jump.

What was that, iOS gamer? Did you say you needed more zombie pigmen in your life? Paintings to express yourself artistically? Fancy being a mushroom farmer? Well, Mojang is happy to oblige! The latest update for the beloved block-tastic canvas of creativity adds all of these things for your amusement.

There's also the addition of a Nether reactor, which taps into the game's nether dimension. Activating this reactor creates a room and turns the reactor into an item-spewing, zombie pigman-generating machine.

There are also bug fixes in version 0.5.0 which fix animals that never respawn on specific maps, being stuck to beds, game crashes, hitting targets that players aren't aiming for, and lava that, some-magic-how, can burn objects from far away.

So go on and finish building your full-scale replica of the Mushroom Kingdom, now with real mushrooms! Just make sure those zombie pigmen don't overrun your precious creations. Let us know what you think of the update in the comments section below.