Grinders, miners and farmers alike missed out on Minecon last year, but Mojang's coming back bigger than ever in 2015 when it brings the event to London.

It seems that every time we turn around there's another new notable Minecraft creation for the record books, and Minecon is the place to be if you want any kind of detail on such works of art. Minecon is a convention that combines everyone's favorite things -- Minecraft, other people who love Minecraft, Mojang employees, Minecraft panels, Minecraft events, and people to put hover hands over in Minecraft. Mojang is setting the scene for this year's Minecon in London, and are looking to sell tickets to 10,000 people. Tickets will go on sale sometime this month -- the exact date and time will be announced within the upcoming two weeks -- and you need to be on your toes because they will quickly disappear. The tickets will feature discounted hotel pricing as well as getting to go to one of the coolest cons around. Panel submissions will begin in early March for those who think they have awesome ideas and if you want to exhibit something you can check out how to do so on Mojang's site.

The details are simple -- the con will take place between July 4-5 at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Center where you will get to meet tons of cool people and just basically talk about Minecraft all day long.

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