Microsoft is expected to reveal their plans about releasing Xbox games on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox gaming head Phil Spencer is set to discuss the company's gaming future via their ' Official Xbox Podcast' on Thursday (15.02.24) at 8pm UK time/ 3pm Eastern.

Announcing the news, the official Xbox X account tweeted: "Please join us for a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast.

"Hear from Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty as they share updates on the Xbox business."

Previously, it was rumoured that Microsoft was considering moving their exclusive titles 'Starfield', 'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle', 'Hi-Fi Rush' and 'Sea of Thieves' over to their rivals' consoles.

In a report from The Verge, Tom Warren wrote: “A new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games is emerging inside Microsoft, we’re told, with the company weighing up which titles will remain exclusive and others that will appear on Switch or PS5 in the future. 'Indiana Jones' appears to be part of this new wave of multi-platform games.

“While Bethesda will launch its Indiana Jones game first as an Xbox console exclusive, it’s currently set to have a rather short period of exclusivity we’re told. A release for PS5 is being considered for some months later, with Bethesda tentatively targeting a December 2024 launch for the Xbox and PC versions.

“Exact timing and platform availability for ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’ could change, particularly as Microsoft’s new multi-platform approach for Xbox games hasn’t been finalized.

“Microsoft has been evaluating bringing certain Xbox exclusives to PS5 and Nintendo Switch in recent months. (sic)"

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