Microsoft once tried to take 'LittleBigPlanet' from Sony after a few drinks.

The gaming giant behind Xbox once had its eye on Media Molecule's franchise, and back in 2006 - when the game was in its early stages - they tried to poach the title from their PlayStation console rivals.

Appearing on MinnMax, Mark Healey - who co-founded the developer - said: "[Media Molecule and a Microsoft representative] went out and got a bit drunk, and it was literally just as we were dropping the guy off at his hotel, he was kind of like... 'I was on a mission here! I've got to at least say something'.

"And he was just, 'Oh you, by the way, guys, you know we would be happy to blah blah blah take you on if you want to jump ship to us' or something like that.

"And you could tell he was almost embarrassed to say it actually, because it would have been a very naughty thing to do.

"And, obviously, we didn't because, you know, we are nice people and we were very grateful that Sony gave us that chance."

Mark pondered that "technically" the team could have moved to Microsoft for "a load of money" as they "didn't have anything in writing" to confirm they would remain with Sony, although he later suggested there might have been a legally binding deal of some kind in place.

The studio felt it would have been "morally corrupt" to make the jump, regardless of whether it had been at the end of a heavy night or in a more sober setting.

He added: "That would never have happened. We'd already built up a good relationship with [Sony], so it was a done deal really."

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