We're not sure what kind of dark spirits this guy ticked off, but the star of the new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance commercial is having one of the unluckiest days ever.

The newest ad for Raiden's journey to become a master hibachi chef stars a hapless Joe Schmo who is afflicted with the worst kind of luck.

Nothing seems to be going his way as he cuts his own face open while shaving, wrenches his shoelace off with his Herculean strength, burns his toast, smacks his head into a cabinet door, and drops everything that slightly resembles a food product.

This kind of commercial is reminiscent of some of the more classic Metal Gear TV ads, such as this Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance commercial for the Xbox, featuring a real world pencil pusher using Snake's skills to evade his boss. Except in this new guy's case, he does the complete opposite of anything awesome while misfortune befalls him at every turn.

Check out the commercial below and look out for the game when it comes out next week on February 19th, 2013!