Platinum is already planning follow-up downloadable content for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which will feature boss characters Jetstream Sam and LQ-84i.

We already knew there was a set of DLC with 30 new VR training levels planned exclusively for the PlayStation 3. However, thanks to the keen eyes at Eurogamer, we also now know Platinum will be including a wooden sword weapon infused with the soul of Solid Snake. It will talk to Raiden when used. Metal Gear, everyone!

Two new add-ons were revealed on Platinum's Japanese site, with one set to feature playable boss character Jetstream Sam, and the other a playable LQ-84i, or Wolf, as Raiden affectionately calls him. These new DLC packs don't appear to be limited to just VR training either, as two images from Jetstream Sam's DLC feature him in locations reminiscent of the actual game.

There's no indication as to when these add-ons might be arriving in the U.S., but we'll be keeping a close eye on Platinum's plans. In the meantime, you can check out some images from the upcoming content below.