You'd have thought the amount of hype behind Titanfall would have died down by now, but there's still plenty to get excited about. Especially where the collectibles are concerned. Prepare for wallet-fall.

Collectible manufacturer ThreeZero announced via its official Facebook page that it would be bringing the Titans to life in spectacular fashion. First up will be a 20-inch Atlas Titan mech, complete with pilot. ThreeZero has a history filled with mechs, including its Full Metal Ghost line. The articulated figures are massive in scale, ornate to say the least, and most of all, pricey. Now, you generally do get a quality product worth the price of admission, but you should figure on shelling out around $300 for the Atlas based on the way ThreeZero has priced its lines before.

No real pictures of any prototypes have emerged just yet, but the company did promise an early build of the first figure would be shown soon. Hopefully it looks absolutely horrible so we don't have to worry about getting upset that we won't be able to afford it. That won't be the case though given how well ThreeZero's stuff has come out in the past. Oh well.