In an interview with GamerSyndrome, the Mass Effect team at BioWare gives the series' next release a 2014 - 2015 window.

Update - It was recently revealed that BioWare was never interviewed and that the interviewer fabricated all of the details given. The interviewer's name has been removed due to their wish for anonymity. The original story based on the fake interview on GamerSyndrome is below. Go to the updated story for more.

The team talks shop and gives the interviewer some insight on the changes in gameplay between the original Mass Effect and its sequels, the decision to include cooperative multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, and the controversial ending to Commander Shepard's trilogy. They also look ahead to the future and talk a little about Mass Effect 4 and what switching from BioWare Edmonton to BioWare Montreal means, as well as hint at a tentative release window for the title.

The team was asked a mix of user-submitted questions as well as some from GamerSyndrome's writers. In regard to the next Mass Effect title, BioWare said that the game just started being fully developed within the last few months, but that they're looking at a late 2014 to mid-2015 release. They also said that they're not finished with Mass Effect 3 and will continue developing downloadable content, though the DLC cycle will be ending soon.

Head to GamerSyndrome for the full interview.