Jason Schreier of Kotaku has reported on a fake interview with BioWare that was posted on the site, GamerSyndome.

According to Schreier's post, the fake interview with BioWare was published on December 5th on GamerSyndrome. The interviewer claimed to have talked with the development team behind the next Mass Effect game, though there no attributions in the article. Even so, details came out of the interview that hinted at a tentative release for the game. Several outlets online reported on this projected release, including us, but it has now come to light that the whole interview was fabricated and that no one from BioWare had talked to the interviewer. A tweet from BioWare's Mike Gamble confirms that he was never interviewed by anyone from GamerSyndrome.

The story on Kotaku reveals that the writer of the fake interview was a 25-year-old college student who admitted to fabricating the entire thing by pulling quotes from The Art of Mass Effect and The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3. He apparently felt pressured to get the article posted, so he made up the details when BioWare took too long to contact him about his questions.

For more on this story (which is hopefully true), go to the post on Kotaku. But for now, it looks we'll have to wait some more for any juicy details about Mass Effect 4.