Mass Effect 3 has been around for one whole year, letting fans fly through space, shoot the hell out of bad guys, find true love, and make some tough choices, all in the name of stopping the Reapers. There's also a bit about a controversial ending, but we'll leave that alone.

To celebrate, BioWare put up a post on their official blog, counting down some of the downloadable content that helped make Shepard's adventure more fulfilling and the multiplayer mode more engaging.

Part of their celebration comes in the form of two updates: one is the "Stood Fast, Stood Strong, Stood Together" banner that can be earned during the new Operation: LODESTAR event, and the other is a huge infographic detailing the different aspects of the multiplayer mode (featured above).

Operation: LODESTAR is going on now and will last until March 10th, 2013. Players can earn tiered rewards that include a Commendation Pack, the aforementioned banner, and another bonus Commendation Pack.

Let us know if you've enjoyed the past year in Mass Effect 3 and tell us if you're looking forward to more games set in the Mass Effect universe!