Vito himself thinks we should leave some room in the trunk, because a Mafia 3 announcement is on the way.

Only Single Player reports that Rick Pasqualone, the voice actor of Vito from Mafia 2, recently Tweeted that new Mafia 3 news will be coming soon. Pasqualone's followers have been asking about the supposed third title multiple times, and he has been giving similar responses. 2K's new California-based studio, Hangar 13, is presumably working on the third Mafia title, and Pasqualone's responses leave us hopeful.

With PAX South set in San Antonio, Texas from Jan. 23-25 and Mafia 3 rumored to be set in Louisiana (which is the next closest state), we have a feeling we'll be hearing about this new title soon. Even though it's strange to set a Mafia story out in the bayou, there are plenty of places to leave body out there.

The 'True Detective'-esque setting of Louisiana is an optimal setting:

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