It's time to break out the Tommy Guns and start loading bodies into trunks, because the Mafia is back in town.

2K Games has taken a preemptive approach to Gamescom 2015 and have formally announced the development of Mafia 3. This marks the return of the series after a five-year hiatus. Mafia 2 launched in 2010, whereas Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven launched in 2002. We just hope that history repeats itself and we get to kill Vito in the third game. For those who don't know, the Mafia series is comprised of third-person action games that has an open world perspective to it, but filled with a 1930-1940s-style criminal underworld — I guess you could call it an open criminal underworld game.

Earlier this year, we reported that Rick Pasqualone, the voice actor of Vito from the second Mafia game, Tweeted that new Mafia 3 news would be coming. Pasqualone's followers have been asking about the supposed third title multiple times, and he has been giving similar responses. 2K's new California-based studio, Hangar 13, has been confirmed to be working on the third Mafia title, and we're glad to see that Pasqualone's teases have turned out to be true. Last year, we reported that Mafia 3 is rumored to take place in Louisiana after a casting call for the game was looking for three actors for the following roles: a street-smart criminal, a teenage criminal with a Napoleon complex, and an established gangster in his 30s who's good at running numbers.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on Mafia 3 once the trailer arrives next week during Gamescom 2015.

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