Take Two might be hiring actors for Mafia 3, which looks like it'll be set in Lousiana.

Website All Games Beta got its hands on a recent casting call letting us know that Take Two is casting for 'Untitled Video Game.' But, according to the descriptions of the characters, this video game might turn out to be Mafia 3, set in the south.

The casting is for three characters: Franklin, Tony and Mickey. Franklin is in his early 20s and is half African American/Caucasian. He rose to prominence in the criminal world after coming home from war. He's described as "street-smart and strong" and is able to get a job done, no matter the cost.

Tony is a well-dressed Italian man in his early 30s who is a genius when it comes to running numbers. He might look meek and quiet, but he'll lash out at anyone who disturbs his work.

Then there's Mickey, a young kid in his late teens who thinks he's a bigger deal than he really is. There's something to be said for a criminal whose bark is stronger than his bite.

No official word from Take Two on the subject just yet, but this many virtual Italians in one place has to be more than coincidence, right?

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