The times may have changed in this cinematic debut trailer for Mafia 3, but having a body in the trunk still feels all too familiar.

Just as Mafia 2 featured a new protagonist, this trailer for Mafia 3 introduces a new hero. Say hello to Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam vet raised in New Orleans. Mafia games have always been about organized crime families, and Clay's narrations throughout the trailer convey an important point: family bonds can go deeper than blood; family doesn't have to include who you are born with, but rather who you would die for. Since Lincoln was an orphan who didn't have a biological family to raise him, he took to the streets. He joined the gangs, church and the military, but never found a real family to keep. After joining a black mob in New Orleans, Clay finally found the family he long sought after. Unfortunately, the mafia group the black mob used to be partners with took them out. Now, Clay intends on going to war with New Orleans' Italian mafia and establish his own foothold in the area.

Lincoln partners up with a woman named Cassandra, an Irish thug called Burke and Mafia 2's Vito in order to fight the Italian crime families of New Orleans. Mind you, the late 60s was still abundant with open racism. Unfortunately, the comments of this trailer on YouTube featured a lot of it as well (shame on them, as they missed the entire point of the Clay's narrations). We saw a body in the trunk, clubs getting shot up, mobsters getting killed, Vito himself, a mafioso hauled to the middle of the woods, and a war with the major families of organized crime — that all sounds very Mafia-like to me.

While no exact release date was revealed by this trailer, Mafia 3 will launch in 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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