This new trailer for Atlus' upcoming tactical RPG, Lost Dimension, introduces us to three new psychic companions.

Say hello to Agito, Marcos and Nagi, the three newest psychics who'll be fighting along your side in Lost Dimension. In this tactical RPG, you and your team at S.E.A.L.E.D. must stop a terrorist called The End from destroying the world. We know — the names are a bit lacking, but Lost Dimension features some unique concepts. Your team consists of psychics with varying degrees of power. Agito can teleport himself and allies to advantage points, Marco's telekinetic powers can protect him and ravage enemy forces, and Nagi can fly around the battlefield with her powers of levitation. She can even fly through enemies at fast speeds, Superman-style. Just remember that you have to keep your special forces unit in check and keep them on your side.

In Lost Dimension, you'll need to scale The End's mysterious tower and stop him with your 11 other companions. There are some traitors in your group, so be wary of your so-called friends. You'll need to give a few of them the axe, so keep a Game of Thrones-level of attachment to the characters.

Lost Dimension will launch on July 28 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita for $39.99. On its first week of release, it will feature over $20 of DLC available for free, including playable character costumes, mission packs and PSN avatars.

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