Since its release onto Wii U, it seems Super Smash Bros. has been on the tips of everyone's tongue and now we have some more live action goodness to talk about.

Everyone is looking to get in on the Super Smash Bros. hype with Apex 2015 and a bunch of live action Super Smash Bros. videos, but this fan-made fight (courtesy of Kotaku) is surprisingly well done. Starring Tim Wang as Dark Ness and Joseph Le as Little Mac, Ness is out to destroy every video game character out there and his first target is Nintendo's favorite boxer. There's some awesome martial arts, visual effects, choreography and everything else that a fight film needs to really make you feel as though you're watching a real battle. Plus, there's no excessive gore (ahem, SILVERMANIA) to take you out of the surprisingly realistic scene that's being set.

But the real question from this video is will Dark Ness succeed in his plot to destroy all the video game characters or will Little Mac stop his dangerous rampage before it even begins? Check the fight out above to see who will prevail.

We love video games being acted out in real life.