There are people who are anxiously waiting to play Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and then... there are these guys.

Destructoid informed us of SILVERMANIA's newest YouTube video, which is a Live Action Super Smash Bros. reenactment and... it sure is smashing. Everything starts out relatively tame, but slightly odd; you've got Snake battling Mario, Mega Man battling Sheik and some pretty cool, true-to-the-game sound effects. Then the video takes a super dramatic turn and people's heads start to smash open -- literally. In all honesty, there's just not a good way to describe this video so, we would suggest clicking that play button above and seeing what SILVERMANIA have in store for you. Spoiler alert: if you get queasy easily, just don't watch past 25 seconds.

After you're done watching the video, you can head on over to SILVERMANIA's YouTube channel to tell them what you think while you wait to pick up Super Smash Bros., which is now available.