Friday was looking bleak for Apex 2015's Super Smash Bros. tournament when the party got kicked out of its original venue, but now it's back!

After a false fire alarm was pulled, the original landing spot for Apex 2015 was found out to not be safety-code compliant and the Empire Clarion Hotel was promptly evacuated. Because of this, the future of the three-day Super Smash Bros. tournament seemed bleak, according to Polygon. Since the rooms that failed inspection were the ballrooms where the tournament would be held, it seems that this conclusion was a bittersweet one -- they avoided potential harm, but lost a venue. However, it seems that Twitch pulled through and suggested the Garden State Convention Center, which is about 40 miles away from the original destination in Piscataway, New Jersey.

It was a good save for the first ever Nintendo-sponsored Apex tournament that has turned out a whopping 1,024 entrants.

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