A bunch of stages have been upgraded in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. so you and your friends can fight in even more 8-player battlegrounds.

IGN reports that a new update is out now for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. While this update doesn't add any new stages, it does allow a bunch of current levels to be used in 8-player mode, including the following: Luigi's Mansion, Pyrosphere, Norfair, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2, Mario Circuit, Animal Crossing: Town & City, Animal Crossing: Smashville, and Wii Fit Studio. Additionally, players can duke it out on the following 8-player Omega Mode stages that are balanced for competitive play: Kirby: the Great Cave Offensive, Mario Galaxy, Mario Circuit, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2, Animal Crossing: Town and City.

While this update is great, don't expect any kind of balancing or content patches any time soon -- series producer Masahiro Sakurai has gone on record to say that the current state of Smash Bros. is the one it will probably stay in, and the only additional content to be expected in the future is the addition of Mewtwo as paid DLC.

Come on, Nintendo! We want to buy more Super Smash Bros. DLC if you'll just make it for us! Ice Climbers! Solid Snake! Alternate outfits! Any level, any character! If you build it, we will buy it. This is one of the rare times we actually wish someone would adhere to Capcom's DLC habits.

Here's the perfect song to go with these levels: