Nintendo is adding Ryu and Roy to the Super Smash Bros. roster today along with all kinds of new DLC, including Tekken and Virtua Fighter Mii Fighter outfits.

The latest Nintendo Direct event was about some all-new Super Smash Bros. downloadable content. In particular, we finally got confirmation that Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy from Fire Emblem are being added to the roster. It should be no surprise as Roy is a fan favorite and has previous appeared in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Roy's sword is stronger at closer ranges compared to the other sword users in the game. Obviously, his Final Smash is similar to Lucina and Marth's, but with a small setup that brings enemies directly behind him to the front of the attack.

As you would expect, new amibo figurines are on the way. The Mii Gunner, Swordfighter and Brawler amiibo figurines are coming (release date pending). Other new amiibo figures include R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch and Falco. All 51 fighters will be eventually released in amiibo form, which means we should expect another bunch as store exclusives and you'll likely never be able to collect them all.

The original Hyrule Castle and Peach's Castle stages from the first SSB are being re-released at a later date, but a revamped Dream Land stage is available. A new Miiverse level is coming as well, which will add all kinds of fan-made messages to the background of your matches. New Tourneys are being made, but Nintendo will be opening these up a later date to make sure the online connectivity is efficient. In terms of new features, you'll soon be able to upload videos from Super Smash Bros. directly onto YouTube (you'll need a Google account).

As for new Mii Fighter outfits, Nintendo is adding premium DLC costumes based on MegaMan.EXE, Zero from Mega Man X, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Jacky Bryant and Akira from Virtua Fighter and Heihachi from the Tekken series. We're glad to see Nintendo is doing more with Mega Man than Capcom is. Will we be seeing more Virtua Fighter and Tekken content for SSB in the future? We'll just have to wait and see.

After some huge leaks yesterday, the biggest announcement of this Nintendo Direct event is that Ryu of Street Fighter fame is being added to Super Smash Bros. Ryu includes his focus attack from Street Fighter IV. In terms of Final Smash, he can do his Shinku Hadouken or his Metsu Shoryuken (depending on how far the closest opponent is). As you would expect, Ryu can do the Shoryuken, Hurricane Kick, and Hadouken as special attacks. You also have the ability to do these moves with their original button commands with the A Button for a chance for an instant knockout and more damage. Ryu's infamous stage from SFII, Suzaku Castle, is being added as a new battleground. The Omega Form of the stage looks just like how it was when we first saw it in arcades back in 1991. Game director Masahiro Sakurai mentions that this incarnation of Ryu is based on his look from Street Fighter II, as many of us were first introduced to him this way on the SNES. Better yet, Ryu and Roy are each getting their own amiibo (probably not until next year).

Ryu and Suzaku castle will cost $5.99 as an individual download for the Wii U or 3DS, but can be bought for both platforms for $6.99. Lucas and Roy will cost $3.99 apiece for each system and will cost $4.99 each for the Wii U/3DS combo. Each of the new Mii Fighter costumes cost $0.75 apiece on each system or $1.15 each for both the Wii U and 3DS. The new Miiverse stage is a free download. The original Dream Land stage costs $1.99 for individual platforms and $2.99 for the 3DS/Wii U.

Best of all, Nintendo is releasing Roy, Ryu, the new stages and Mii Fighter outfits today. Just be prepared for some potential lag due to the high traffic.

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