Dreamgate Studios has launched its puzzler, Light in the Dark, on the App Store. Prepare your eyes for some light-bending, color-blending action.

With developers from the teams that worked on XCOM, BioShock and Fallout, Dreamgate Studios is well equipped to launch a mobile puzzle game like Light in the Dark on the world. You take on the role of an archaeologist who has discovered the secrets of a ruin and figured out that one must manipulate light in order to get anything done.

There are little Totem babies that must be reunited with their parents. You accomplish this noble task by bouncing, blocking and bending light so that these babies are illuminated with their corresponding colors. Players must take care not to awaken enemies that run after the wee, little Totems.

Check out the trailer above to see more of Light in the Dark in action and pick it up on the App Store, Google Play store and Windows Phone App+Games Store for $1.99.