For once, Geordi LaForge is the one who gets to say "make it so," by adding some new goals to the surprisingly successful Kickstarter campaign intending to bring back 'Reading Rainbow' to schools and the web.

After already reaching its Kickstarter goal of $1 million within the first 11 hours of its campaign, LeVar Burton has added some stretch goals to the program, including games for both mobile devices and home consoles, Polygon reports. The original $1 million goal would help the Reading Rainbow company to provide its software to over 1,500 schools in need throughout the United States. With over 64,000 supports and $2.85 million made within the first three days of its campaign, Burton decided to add more goals to keep pushing to help children read.

"With $5 million, we can get to mobile, we can do Android, we can definitely do Xbox, we can do set-top boxes," said Burton in an update video. "We can get to at least 7,500 schools for free."

We hope that the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign will reach that $5 million stretch goal and goes even further. After reaching $5 million, there are potential goals Burton hinted at, such as bringing Reading Rainbow to public libraries. We'll take a look (it's in a book), when the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter ends at 3PM. EST on July 2.

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