The individual hero trailers for Dragon's Crown continue today with a closer look at the Dwarf and his abilities.

A little less sultry and seductive than some of the other characters in Dragon's Crown, the dwarf is all business. Though he has a compact frame, it appears to be nothing but muscle and sinew, with bugles upon bulges upon bulges. His ability to dual-wield weapons, and use them in a fast and furious fashion clearly makes the dwarf an asset on the battlefield.

As you can see from the footage below, the dwarf also isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. His got a bit of a wrestling repertoire it would appear, and he's also rather athletic and agile for such a diminutive person. Like the rest of the cast though, he's also got a style all his own that works wonderfully within the painted fantasy world of Dragon's Crown.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know if these trailers are getting you more hyped up for Dragon's Crown this summer.