There's no denying that the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown has one of the most interesting and controversial character designs in recent gaming history. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to dress up as this magical minx, and we're glad they did.

The Sorceress is just one of the many characters that players can control in Dragon's Crown. She has a massive set... of spells at her disposal and can bring down the mightiest of foes with a wave of her wand or staff. She can also help keep her party alive by producing life-giving food, making her an invaluable member of the group.

Here is Lisa Lou Who, a cosplayer who's part of our 100 Hottest Cosplay Girls list, as the Sorceress herself. We might have used the term "spot on" quite a few times in the past, but believe us when we say that this cosplay is on the money. Not only has she managed to recreate the Sorceress' entire look down to the bustier, but she even seems to be rocking the character's... er, signature assets. Also, she's got a nice staff and hat combo going.

Gander at all of the amazing costumes she's crafted on the bastion of dorkiness known as her Facebook page. Trust us, all of her costumes deserve to be appreciated.


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