The sixth and final character trailer for Dragon's Crown has arrived, and with it comes all the beauty and power of the Amazon.

We've already seen the rest of the cast in solo trailers, so it was only a matter of time until the Amazon got one of her own. She's absolutely ripped from head-to-toe, though she also suffers from a bit of the same design troubles as the Sorceress. That said, watching her in action is a thing to behold.

Based on the footage below, it appears the Amazon has a nice balance of physical and melee attacks. She's obviously going to be one of the more powerful figures in the game, likely right alongside the Fighter. While we won't know for certain just who can bench more (does she even lift, bro?), until Dragon's Crown releases this August, we've already got designs on which character we'll be playing as on the PlayStation 3.

Additionally, Atlus released the official North American box art for Dragon's Crown, and showcased the cover to the art book being included during the first printing. You can check those images, and the trailer, out below.