A tale of love gets twisted in this last piece of downloadable content for Muramasa Rebirth for the PSN and PS Vita.

Aksys Games has announced that "Hell's Where the Heart Is" marks the final piece of DLC hitting Muramasa Rebirth. This DLC continues (and closes), the Genroku Legends spin-off tales from Rebirth. These expansions help tell a much more lighthearted story compared to the game's main campaign. The first of these adorable adventures was called, "Fishy Tales of the Nekomata." Upon clearing all four content downloads, you get a special message from Vanillaware which will appear in Genroku Legend's main menu.

In "Hell's Where the Heart Is," we get to see Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell, get accidentally proposed to by Seikichi, the monk-turned-rich playboy. During the DLC, you get to play as Rajyaki, who has stuffed Seikichi in a magic bag and brings him along for the ride. It's a funny but effective course of action to avoid marriage -- that is, of course, until she starts falling in love with him. But it's OK, Rajyaki has got this in the bag, right? With regard to the game's more combat driven parts, Raiyaki has a child, adult and demon form, each offering all sorts of ways she can get rid of enemies. We're interested in seeing how they all play out.

As with Muramasa Rebirth's previous DLC packs, "Hell's Where the Heart Is" is selling for $4.99 on the PSN.

Akysys Games

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