Armed with nothing but a bow, some arrows, and her wits, the elf in Dragon's Crown holds her own against a wide variety of fearsome foes in this new trailer.

Atlus and Vanillaware continue showcasing the individual characters of Dragon's Crown, and this time we get a closer look at the archer elf. Aside from clearly having a wide variety of powerful arrows at her disposal, the elf also has some impressive agility and close combat attacks.

In the footage below, we also get a nice look at more of the enemy types awaiting us in the labyrinth, including some lizard men, scorpions, and that dreaded Medusa boss. These spotlights are nice, and do a wonderful job showing off the amazing art style in Dragon's Crown. The only bad thing about all these trailers is how they tease a game we want immediately, but won't get to play until August.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know which character trailer you've liked best so far.