Atlus has uploaded another Dragon’s Crown trailer focusing on one of the playable characters in the upcoming beat 'em up title. This trailer focuses on the Sorceress and her ability to control the elements, the dead, and gravity itself. No, that wasn’t another joke about her boobs; she can actually get on her staff and fly around the screen!

The Sorceress seems to be largely geared around AoE (area of effect), control. Most of her abilities hit in a large area and damage multiple enemies at once. Her abilities also seem to be somewhat indirect, involving walls, traps, and companions that follow her around and fight as she does.

As mentioned before, one of her most useful abilities is her air-dash, which lets her fly over the heads of a mob of angry opponents, striking them down with her magic. She certainly seems fragile, but powerful if allowed to get some tricks started.

The trailer is entirely in Japanese, but her gameplay is somewhat self-explanatory. An English version of the trailer will likely come out closer to the game’s international release.

Dragon’s Crown is set to release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on July 25th, 2013 in Japan, with a worldwide release later this year.