Sierra, a company famous for its popular point-and-click adventure games, returns from the dead (sort of) with a new King's Quest that may or may not be anything like the old games. Yay?

Many gamers remember King's Quest for its involved puzzles, sharp script, and relentless charm. Now that the series (and the rest of Sierra's catalogue) are the property of Activision, however, it's unclear what form these new iterations will end up in. Speaking with PC Gamer, Activision's MacLean Marshall promised that there will be a number of projects revisiting old Sierra properties, saying each new project, "could be HD remakes of original Sierra content. It could be contemporary reimaginings of the old Sierra IPs. It could be stuff that's new, kick-arse, awesome IP that has nothing to do with the old Sierra brand, but will be a Sierra thing when it launches." He also promised that the new King's Quest "looks awesome" despite of not being a traditional point-and-click game.

On the one hand, Sierra does have a rich tapestry of games to its name, many of which deserve to be revived for a new generation of gamers. On the other hand, if mishandled, these could end up being the kinds of soulless reboots dragging down Hollywood and the gaming industry in general. The best thing Sierra fans can do right now is wait patiently for further news before making any judgments.