The Odd Gentlemen have taken a classic game, King's Quest, and dared to re-imagine it, as Sierra released a dev diary to show how and why they did it.

In the video above, you can see a behind the scenes trailer that will showcase the vision of The Odd Gentlemen's reboot of King's Quest. This is the first installment of a four-part series that Sierra will be releasing as a teaser for the upcoming action-adventure game. King's Quest is steeped in gaming history with its first game coming out in the 1980s. Now, Sierra has teamed up with The Odd Gentlemen to bring the game into the present. However, with the new look of the game comes a different way to start it as well — at the end. Director Matt Korba and producer Lindsey Rostal explain that they decided to start the game at its end because it made for the perfect beginning.

Rostal explained the Tarantino decision further, saying:

Matt, Evan and I were all out on the roof right after we'd gotten the email, trying to figure out what we could to do make King's Quest special. We came up with the idea of Graham telling stories of his legacy to his granddaughter Gwendolyn. So we started building everything around that — the art and then a general story and sent that off to Activision and the small crew that was Sierra at the time.

It definitely helps that the original designers of the game, Roberta and Ken Williams, admitted to The Odd Gentlemen that this was the way they would go about the telling of the story as well.

You can look forward to the first chapter of King's Quest to come out later this year as a digital download for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.