Activision recently launched a website out of nowhere touting the return of Sierra Entertainment, and fans of the company's point-and-click classics of yesteryear are in a frenzy, speculating on what it all means.

By visiting Sierra's official website, you'll be treated to a brief teaser of a man approaching a snowy mountain before the Sierra logo appears on the screen, advertising both Activision and Gamescom 2014 at the bottom of the video.

What could this all mean?! Is the classic Sierra label making a return, bringing its classic games back with it? If so, in what capacity? WIll we soon be seeing remakes of King's Quest, Space Quest, Freddy Pharkas or Police Quest in full 1080p splendor on next-gen consoles? Will Sierra ditch the point-and-click style for something more contemporary? We believe that Activision plans to launch/re-release Sierra's classics for mobile devices and tablets.

While a return for Sierra's Quest series would be excellent, we're more looking forward to a revival of The Incredible Machine. That game took way too many summer nights away from us as children... and we'd love to return to it redone in HD.