Today’s Kickstarter of the Day is Pixel Press, a new game creation platform for iOS and Android that lets you draw your own platforming stages, literally. The game’s primary tool isn’t inside the software at all. Instead, Pixel Press allows you to draw your own platforming stages on plain old paper! You then take a picture of the level with your iOS or Android device, and Pixel Press interprets what you drew into a fully playable 2D platformer level.

You will be able to draw much more than just platforms with Pixel Press. You’ll also be able to design your own hazards and intractable objects as well. The type of stage that you want to decide is entirely up to you. You can develop a Sonic the Hedgehog style stage that largely works off momentum, or a Castlevania style stage with lots of lowering spikes and bottomless pits. You can even scatter power-ups around your level as you like.

Pixel Press is also taking cues from LittleBigPlanet in that it will be a primarily user generated game. If you’d rather play than create, Pixel Press allows you to try out levels designed by other members of the Pixel Press community. You can then rate and comment on these levels and share your own as well!

Currently, it appears as if Pixel Press needs to use a very specific type of graph paper in order for the software to recognize what you are drawing. Luckily, the exact layout you need is available in PDF format. A ruler also helps to make sure that your lines are straight.

Pixel Press is looking to raise $100,000 and has currently raised $92,509 with only eight days remaining. 1,819 users have backed the project. Read more about Pixel Press on the official Pixel Press Kickstarter page.