Things are looking bright for the studio responsible for flOw, Flower and Journey.

Thatgamecompany has announced that it raised an additional $7 million for its next "emotionally engaging experience." Thatgamecompany was able to successfully gain these funds through a team of generous investors alongside a partnership with Capital Today. This means that the studio will be able to self-publish, market and distribute its next title. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt back in 2012 while working on Journey, despite raising $5.5 million to help develop it.

"We had the choice of taking on a simpler project and making it easier on ourselves for our first self-published project," thatgamecompany manager Sunni Pavlovic said. "But the public response from Journey a few months into development convinced us we had to keep going."

While the studio did not comment on the development of its next game, we're glad to see thatgamecompany was still able to find multiple investors and has fully bounced back from its 2012 bankruptcy.

"Our investors are expecting a lot more from us than an indie developer with an artistic game, but they're also looking for something different from a typical mobile or social game studio," Pavlovic said. "I have to give our investors a lot of credit for seeing the landscape differently and believing in our vision for interactive entertainment."

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