Journey was a spectacular and evocative game that captured the intricate emotions and wonder of a mythic journey through a desert filled with the ruins of a once great civilization. In the wake of their BAFTA Award win, the Executive Producer of the game let us know that there is little hope for another Journey.

Journey was a masterpiece for thatgamecompany, a developer that created some of the most unique and award winning games for the PSN. But, the artistic and critical successes came at a financial price. Jenova Chen, head of thatgamecompany, told Polygon that Journey had, "bankrupted the company." Since then, some of their talent has scattered to the wind and there isn't much hope for Journey sequel.

Executive Producer Robin Hunicke told IGN, "I think we all put a lot of heart and soul into Journey, so we'd like to leave it where it is. It's pretty much perfect the way it is, we don't want to mess with that so I would imagine there would be no Journey 2."

While it makes us a little sad that there will be no second Journey, we're a bit relieved that a game as wonderful as that will be left alone to stand on a mountaintop unsullied by a possibly inferior sequel. Even though thatgamecompany has been having some problems, we're anxious to see what projects they have coming along now that they are no longer Sony exclusive.

There may not be another Journey, but we hope to see more boundary defying games from thatgamecompany in the future.