Indie darlings Journey and The Unfinished Swan, triumphant from a lengthy tour on the PlayStation 3, will be making the jump to the next generation with ports to the PlayStation 4.

Journey took players by surprise when it launched in 2012. Many games rely on marketing tricks and flashy presentations to bring in the sales, but Journey, with its beautiful art, haunting soundtrack, and contemplative, explorative gameplay, managed to find an audience in a world oversaturated with flashing lights and gritty violence.

Similarly, the Unfinished Swan's tale of Munroe, a boy chasing a swan through an unpainted world, was quiet, masterfully-crafted, and downright brilliant, and it, too, resonated with gamers in a unique way. Both Journey and The Unfinished Swan will be receiving a hefty graphical overhaul to make use of the PS4's processing power, said representative from the games' respective studios.

There are further announcements in the pipework for these two cult classics- such as their release dates and the possibility of expanded content- but, for now, we will just have to contend ourselves with the pretty pictures.

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