One of our favorite games of the previous generation of consoles is making its way to PlayStation 4 with cross-buy enabled.

Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman posted a new trailer on the PlayStation Blog for Journey's PlayStation 4 debut. For the past three years, Journey has been astonishing PlayStation 3 gamers, and it's now time to PS4 players to enjoy this classic as well. To commemorate Journey making the jump to PS4, thatgamecompany has launched a new trailer for the game.

Journey has you playing as a robed figure who must traverse a desert and reach a mountain in the distance. The strange thing about Journey is that its story is told wordlessly through the game itself and a few cutscenes. You get to learn more about the desolate city that surrounds the mountain and what happened to its people along the way. You'll occasionally encounter another robed figure that's being played by someone else online, and you can only help each other progress through each level. Your character can sing, run and glide through the sands in order to try and reach this ominous mountain. There's no way to really tell apart the other robed figures other than the notes that they sing to one another. This may sound a bit weird to those who never played it, but Journey is unlike anything you ever played before.

Journey will launch on July 21 for PS4. Those who purchased the PlayStation 3 version of the game will have already unlocked the PlayStation 4 version for free.

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