Joe Madureira, A-list comic artist and Creative Director for Darksiders and Darksiders II has hinted that a third installment in the series may be in the works.

On his Facebook page, Madureira offered an FAQ about his current and past projects, including info on another potential Darksiders sequel, stating, “DS is not dead!!!” He added, “The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series.”

The Darksiders franchise, once owned by THQ, was bought by Austrian publisher Nordic Games in 2013 as part of a $4.9 million deal that also included the Destroy all Humans!, Summoner, Supreme Commander, Red Faction and MX vs. ATV franchises. When that deal was finalized, Nordic advised fans in a Joystiq interview “not (to) look for a Darksiders 3 before two years from now."

Joe Mad didn’t mention any specifics, but indicated that an announcement may be forthcoming, stating, “Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!” He was equally ambiguous about what part he would play in the franchise’s comeback, adding, “As far as my involvement, I can't say at this point.”

With huge game worlds, massive boss battles, and challenging, rewarding hack-and-slash gameplay, the Darksiders games were extraordinarily well received, and engendered a loyal fan-base eager for more apocalyptic action. A third installment, presumably on the Xbox One and PS4, might give those fans a chance to play as one or both of the game’s remaining Horsemen, Strife and Fury.

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