The Nordic Games' library of franchises continues to grow after the THQ firesale, as the company announced it has gained the rights to the Vietnam-era first person shooter franchise Men of Valor.

The original Men of Valor game debuted on the original Xbox back in 2002, developed by a studio called 2015 (known for its work on the Medal of Honor war series, which originally was head-to-head with Call of Duty) and published by Vivendi who eventually became part of Activision. We haven't heard a peep from the series since, but Nordic Games apparently liked what it saw and wants to change that.

"With the addition of this IP, our shooter portfolio becomes enriched with a real classic," said Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director at Nordic Games. "It feels great to have a piece of FPS-history under our umbrella. 2015 Games produced many talented developers, including the founders of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment amongst others, shaping the first person shooter genre with their games."

We don't yet know what Nordic decides to do with this franchise, as this announcement was only about the acquisition, but we're interested to see what becomes of this move. The shooter genre is certainly not lacking for content, but the Vietnam-era setting is what makes this so intriguing. Of all the first-person shooter games out there, the CoD and Medal of Honor franchises took us thoroughly through this era in their early years. In the modern gaming era, there's still a lot of potential for telling a fantastic story there, and we hope that Nordic can make it happen.

We'll have more on Men of Valor and what Nordic plans for it as it develops.

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