It might not be a new entry in the series, but Nordic Games has announced Darksiders II will be coming to current gen consoles with a new definitive edition.

According to GameSpot, everyone disheartened by THQ's bankruptcy may have a reason to rejoice. Recently, Amazon made a bit of a mistake when it listed a PlayStation 4 edition of the Darksiders II. While Amazon had to take down the listing, a representative from Nordic Games (the company that picked up the IP when THQ put it up for sale) admitted that the listing wasn't a fake, but instead just a listing that had gone up way too early. By way too early, we really do mean way too early -- the rep added that Nordic is not at all ready to discuss the project. This PlayStation 4 listing suggests that there will also be an Xbox One edition that will come out alongside it.

If and when Nordic is ready to talk about what will make this version so definitive, it will be the first the company has spoken about the franchise since acquiring it from THQ. Previously, all we knew was that Nordic planned to further develop the IP, though without the guidance of the studio that created the series, Vigil Games. Perhaps the team is using this remake as a way to develop its game engine for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while also refreshing everyone's memory about just what was so enjoyable about the Darksiders series.

Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to learn what Nordic has in store, what with multiple major gaming conventions scheduled for the next few months.

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