It's almost time for the holidays, but Barry's getting some presents early with the latest update for Jetpack Joyride. Jump in and see what goodies are in store for our favorite airborne salesman.

Barry now has two new toys to use in his Legitimate Research spree: the DIY and the Twister Jetpacks. Why these things exist is a mystery, but they're sure to give players both new and old a reason to rack up those coins. The new jetpacks are great additions to the growing number of weird gadgets at Barry's disposable, but we don't recommend trying to create and pilot a DIY Jetpack at home.

The update also includes some bug fixes that improve the game's interactivity with the iCloud, iOS adjustments, and general performance fixes. There's promise of more content updates on the way.

So, Arcade Sushi readers, what's your personal favorite jetpack? Or what kind of jetpacks would you like to see in future updates? Let us know in the comments below after you've checked out the screens!