When a game is good, everyone and their mother wants to play it. Such is the case with Jetpack Joyride, an iOS hit that made its way over to the Playstation Network late last year.

Flying onto the PSN in November 2012, Jetpack initially cost $3.99 to play. A tad steep when compared to the iOS price of not a damn penny. But in December, the price dropped to free. And when the price decreased, the downloads increased.

So much so, that Jetpack Joyride has now been downloaded over two million times since its debut. Pretty impressive for a game that initially came out in 2011 for iOS. Halfbrick recently released a trailer for their new game Fish Out of Water. Will it be as successful as Jetpack? Only time will tell. But for now, get to downloading Jetpack Joyride for the PSN and see what all the fuss it about. You'll be glad you did.