There's no denying that Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games in the App Store. With millions of downloads and trillions of fruit sliced, it's a game that keeps growing in popularity. But what would a real life Fruit Ninja look like? Suppose he'd look like this dude.

Created by Scott Winn & Jay Davis, and with the help of Halfbrick Studios, who made the game, there's a fun viral video out about a real life Fruit Ninja and his training regimen. The video has over 13,000,000 downloads, which means society is really bored or we really, really hate fruit. Can you imagine if this guy was killing chocolate? There'd be a petition to have him banned from YouTube.

Check out the video below. We have to warn you -- there's lots of red splatter from strawberries, so cover your children's eyes!

And here's the making of video: