The 10 best ninja games were a lot harder to find in the App Store than I thought. Sure, there are a ton of ninja-themed games out there but there are only a few that are actually worth picking up. Some are cartoony and have simple gameplay, while others will test your reflexes while filling up the screen with decapitated bodies. Gamers love the original men in black, so let's draw our kitanas and slice up the 10 best ninja games.

  • 10


    ponos corporation

    Probably the oddest game in our 10 best ninja games list, Mr.Ninja (no space) has you controlling a ninja on rotating gears. Make him jump at the right time to slash the aliens. It gets harder the further you go. The only thing that may turn you off is the weird orange-and-black color scheme. Do ninjas love orange?

  • 9

    Ninja Royale

    Mobage, Inc.

    Tap, slash and cut your way through this interesting ninja game. Instead of seeing yourself as the ninja, you perform his actions as enemies pop up on screen and you try your best to combo through them. New characters, fighting classes and rivals help keep the gameplay fresh.

  • 8

    Chop Chop Ninja


    This cute platformer finds our ninja hero battling tons of enemies as he heads off to save the emperor's daughter. Our little guy has some sweet moves, and the controls are really easy to learn. Tap behind an enemy and watch your ninja have at him with flying kicks and punches. A cool score compliments the cartoony graphics.

  • 7

    Parachute Ninja

    Freeverse Inc.

    The gang behind the popular Cut the Rope game is ready to test your high-flying ninja skills with Parachute Ninja. Spring your ninja through 30 levels and use the parachute to avoid the many obstacles in your way. It's a fun and clever puzzle game worth the $1 price tag. Shame there isn't an iPad version.

  • 6


    Backflip Studios

    This 10 best ninjas games entry caught me by surprise. Really sharp graphics and solid gameplay make this ninja jumpfest a hard game to put down. Jump back and forth as you slice enemies and avoid hazards. With four different areas ranging from Jungle to Pirate themes, you'll be jumping this ninja for a long, long time.

  • 5

    GoNinja HD

    Lilomi Inc

    GoNinja HD is one of the more hectic entries in our 10 best ninja games list. Run from left-to-right as you carve a path of blood and bodies. The hand drawn graphics are really well done, and the game simply pops on the new iPad. It's got a great score, and the challenge is always there. One wrong move and you're toast. With lots of different special abilities and weapons, GoNinja is one shadow master that gets the job done.

  • 4

    Pocket Ninjas

    Cocky Culture llc

    Pocket Ninjas is like Fruit Ninja if Fruit Ninja had bodies you could decapitate. This fun ninja game has you killing everything that jumps in front of you. Big fat sumo guy? No problem. Chop his head off, then get a bonus for mutilating the rest of him. Watch out for items that can decrease your score. It's surprisingly addictive, and the gore adds that special ninja touch missing from some of our cuter entries.

  • 3

    Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


    I was so happy to play Shinobi III on my iPhone that I stopped and wondered why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I know, it's not Sega) wasn't available for me to play. It kind of stinks that you have to jailbreak your device and use an emulator if you want to get in on some other old-school arcade ninja classics. But Sega knows what gamers want, and we want to slice dudes up in this classic side-scroller. Now please put out an iPad version!

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    Ninja Fishing


    I can't stand how addicting this game is. And they added new islands and fish for me to catch, so now I'm playing Ninja Fishing a lot longer than I wanted to. With catchy music and colorful graphics, see how far down the depths of the ocean you can go to try to catch the rarest fish in the sea. Make it to the bottom and there may be a treasure chest waiting for you. Ninja Fishing had me hook, line and sinker the first time I played it.

  • 1

    Fruit Ninja

    Halfbrick Studios

    I play Fruit Ninja so much I throw fruit up in the air in my kitchen and try slicing it the way they do in the game. So far I've smashed 46 dishes and cut myself so many times I bought stock in Band-Aids. Fruit Ninja is the perfect pick-up-and play game. And if your friend has a higher score than you? There's nothing you won't do to take them down. With lots of unlockable content and nice fruity graphics, Fruit Ninja slices its way into the #1 spot on our 10 best ninja games.