Show us the green! Look out, because today's featured cosplay is Jade, from Mortal Kombat, the awesome assassin who also happens to be Princess Kitana's best friend.

And you can definitely see how close the two are since they seemingly dress the same way. We'd love to find out where these two ladies shop, since it's probably the only successful outfitter in the realm of Edenia. Her signature green outfit is representative of her name and has become iconic, just like the skintight suits that Kitana and Mileena wear.

Russian cosplayer Evgeniya is seen here wearing two different versions of Jade's suit, wielding her staff with both of them. She adopts Jade's poses naturally and gives off a very sexy vibe, just by standing or sitting there! We like her with or without the mask, so this piece of cosplay is one of the big winners in our book.

See more of Evgeniya wearing Jade's alternate outfits on her deviantART page. You'll also see a pretty cool rendition of Wonder Woman, so head there now!

Ivan Ushtei
Green/Serg Rygin
P Bychek/Olya Kornakova
Alexandr Vasiliev/Serg Rygin