Indie fighter Skullgirls was updated to version 1.01, also known as Slightly Different Edition, in November of last year for PS3 owners. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 owners are still waiting on the patch’s release.

Last we heard, Lab Zero games had submitted their latest take on the patch to Konami and Microsoft. However, a bug was missed during early round of Konami quality assurance testing, which made Microsoft reject the patch. We now know that the team has submitted yet another build to Konami, and according to XBLA Fans, this means that the patch should be dropping in about two weeks.

Then again “two weeks” has become somewhat of a joke in the Skullgirls community. Two weeks is the answer that has always been given for upcoming patches, updates, and even the release of the game itself before yet another inevitable delay. Lab Zero CEO Peter Barthalow admits that he doesn’t really know when the patch will come out, and at best all he can do is estimate. “We won’t know exactly when it goes out – [Microsoft says] it’ll take two weeks, but [Microsoft] actually estimated that it would likely only take one… As soon as it passes certification it will be pushed out.”