The roster for Infinite Crisis continues its expansion with the addition of two of Batman's deadliest (and loveliest) opponents -- Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

The advantages of having a varied history with multiple timelines aren't lost on DC Comics. With so many variations on its characters, there's nearly an endless supply of heroes and villains to throw at video game rosters. Case in point, Infinite Crisis. The whole conceit of the game is that the multiple versions are all gathering in one place, giving Turbine the ability to pull different characters from anywhere in DC's expansive catalog.

The current version of Poison Ivy (in her New 52 Birds of Prey costume), and the Gotham by Gaslight Catwoman are just the latest additions to an impressive growing roster. Not only is Turbine representing the big names, but it's doing it with looks and powers we haven't seen outside of a few pages in a book. It's a daring move, and one that should do well to make Infinite Crisis one of the more memorable DC Comics video games ever released.

The more we see of Infinite Crisis, the more we can't wait to play. With the closed beta set to begin May 7th, you better hurry if you want to sign up to be part of the action. Check out the character vids below, and let us know which character you're most interested in playing as when the game comes out.