Starting on May 8th, the Infinite Crisis invite-only beta will allow you to step into the shoes of some of your favorite DC Comics characters in a battle for the multi-verse.

Featuring various incarnations of iconic heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and more, Infinite Crisis is the latest effort from DC to expand its foothold into video games. Developed by Turbine, the MOBA will be free-to-play, and allows DC to go head-to-head with Marvel in the PC space.

You can still sign up for the chance to access the beta over on, though entry is limited and not guaranteed. Thus far we've seen only a small handful of the characters on Infinite Crisis' roster, but they all seem rather varied, and should provide a good idea of the full game.

Let us know if you get into the beta, and which characters you're enjoying playing as when Infinite Crisis opens its doors next week.