Turbine has put the spotlight on one of Infinite Crisis' funniest champions, The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime is highlighted in the new Champion Profile video, which teaches us how to effectively use his skills to gain victory against our enemies.

He may look a little slack-jawed and run like drunkard Jack Sparrow, but Mr. J ain't no one to mess with in Infinite Crisis. The video goes over the Joker's skills and their various uses, so treat this video as a sort of crash-course in using this famous villain.

His skills are as follows:

  • Sadist (Passive Skill) - Gives The Joker bonus Power Damage and Lifesteal. The effects are doubled if a character dies within close proximity.
  • Mr. Punchy - A rocket that deals Power Damage and stuns the first enemy that it hits. It's uh.. a rocket with a boxing glove on it.
  • Surprise - The Joker drops a wrapped present that explodes, dealing Power Damage to enemies near the blast radius. It also releases chattering teeth that deal Power Damage and Slow enemies.
  • Vanish - The Joker blinks away from his position and leaves a punching bag in his place that draws aggro from Drones. The punching bag goes boom in a matter of seconds and deals Power Damage to nearby enemies.
  • Last Laugh (Ultimate) - The Joker tosses a doll (a creepy one, at that), that explodes into laughing gas. The gas deals Power Damage and stuns enemies by making them laugh. Those caught inside the gas cloud suffer damage-over-time.
It definitely sounds like The Joker is a worthy foe and would be an asset to any team. Watch the video below to learn about some tips and tricks concerning The Joker and let us know if you'd use him in Infinite Crisis.