Indie Games for Good, the marathon event that puts the spotlight on indie games while trying to raise money for Child's Play, will start tomorrow.

The folks from Cloudboat Armada are going to kick off the IGG Marathon at 3PM EDT on Friday, Oct. 17. Donors will get to choose which indie games they play for the duration of the marathon. How long does the marathon last, you ask? Well, they'll keep playing games as long as donations keep pouring in, so they could probably keep playing until the end of time -- except they're not immortal, but just keep donating and they'll keep gaming.

The donations will go to Child's Play Charity, an organization that provides children's hospitals with entertainment like video games, toys, books and other thing to help ease a child's stay.

You can head to the marathon's website in order to donate and pick out which games you want the crew to play. There will also be a raffle-off and a giveaway, so check back on the site regularly and keep donating!